Creation or adaptation of a course for different online platforms, which includes: planning; content production; choice of the storage and distribution environment for the courses; systems integration and management (LMS).


Management of different online education projects, which includes hiring and / or managing different professionals such as developers, content producers, front and back end designers, among others. Method based on concepts from the main project methodologies such as PMI and Scrum.



Consulting for creating or improving curricula for schools and universities. Among other things, the service includes research and mapping of state, territorial and international curricula and review of national and international literature related to the topic.



We advise on creating and carrying out experiential and interactive educational courses such as Bootcamp, hackathon, and others.



We create tailor-made, and innovative training projects for your school, company or university. The inspiration for our work is based on almost a decade of studies conducted in collaboration with researchers from renowned centers in education, science, and art from the United States, Brazil, and Europe.